The moment I saw the post from Fresh Choice Richmond pop up on my Facebook touting this as a limited edition mash-up I high tailed it up the street to grab it.

I then proceeded to show it off to everyone I thought might be interested.

The first two reactions were ‘GROSS’ and the next was ‘YUM!’

So not everyone’s cup of tea.

Served best cold on a winters evening, preferably near a fire – such as I am doing right now at a bach we booked for Easter Weekend in the Marlborough Sounds.

Extremely drinkable – the malts blend well with the peanut butter; leaving a taste that isn’t too bitter and isn’t as offensive as you would think it would be when adding such an ingredient to a porter.

The after taste is minimal and definitely as the bottle self-describes “more-ish”, it is hard to describe where the Sujon Berries come in but they are definitely in there. I guess if I had to put words to it; it’s like someone made a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and put it in a blender with some dark malts. The result is a lot more desirable than that sounds.

Would go well with a steak, stew or hearty meat pie.

So sit back and relax in front of a comfortably warm fire, let this drops smooth undertones ease away any aches and pains.

Here is to Pics Peanut Butter.

Here is to the geniuses at McCashins.