Mata have done what I failed miserably at.  Make something drinkable and alcoholic from Feijoas.


Frisky Feijoa

Frisky indeed

Feijoas have probably the most controversial and explosive flavour in fruit, something not traditionally easy to harness in a fruit juice let alone a beer or cider (shoutout to my Old Mout homeys).

I tried my hand at my first “non kit” brew by fermenting Feijoa juice and adding some apple concentrate to substitute for brewing sugar but after leaving it possibly too long my brew turned into more of a Feijoa Schnapps and then a paint thinner soon after.

Mata have (in my eyes) performed some sort of sorcery to create a beer that does indeed taste of Feijoas – they have dubbed it a Fruit Beer which might be an unintentional slur but I don’t mind.  This is coming from someone who has sampled I guess what you would call a ‘Vegetable Beer’ in the Cucumber Berliner (by 8 Wired) – so offensive as that was to my taste buds (seriously I couldn’t finish it) this barely scratched the surface in terms of descriptive diss.


Cucumber Berliner

FYI when a beer is called ‘Cucumber Berliner’ do not let curiosity get the better of you

It’s a wheat beer at its base but levels up to almost a Radler.  Maya stayed true to the Feijoa sharpness without over saturating with too much sugar but for my delicate tastebuds a tad bit of sweetness wouldn’t have gone awry.

Happy 10th Birthday Mata and thanks for the unique re-awakening of this drop.