My partner got this for me for Valentines Day.  A significant find given that A I had no idea he knew I loved Garage Project and B this seems like a one-off rare brew.

Made in conjunction with Wellington Zoo as part of a fundraiser – it attempts to use African inspired ingredients.  Sorghum (used in Africa for animal fodder and also the production of alcoholic beverages) and Rooibus Tea (South African tea originally founded as an alternate to black tea by Dutch settlers) lend the glucose base and enhance the taste to pale malt.

Zoo Brew With a View

Zoo Brew With a View

There is a uniqueness to this unlike anything I have tried – I cannot boast of knowing or trying anything African other than Savannah Cider so that isn’t really saying much.  But I will give the Garage Project lads the benefit of the doubt and commend them on capturing the taste of Africa in a uniqueness of taste that if one had to draw a parallel – would come close to Die Antewood in its approach to artistic expression.

Easy to drink, palatable with smooth finish. No harsh aftertaste no heavy or shocking bitter after effects.  The malt is there but cleverly offset by the African inspired additional ingredients.

I have a feeling that this one would be very popular on the North Shore of Auckland.