This kind of drop wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea and I already hear the purists screaming bloody murder at the mere mention of it – but come the F on; it’s coke and beer combined.  Nothing can go wrong!

Lola takes a traditional German dark lager and goes a bit heavy metal on it.  Throwing in some cola nuts, citrus, spices, vanilla and whole sour cherries.

The cola nuts aren’t that loud but they are also the most prominent of the flavours listed in the coke concoction, their subtle bite leaves the palate humming and act as the catalyst to demand you consume more.

Once again – like most Garage Project drops – I approached this drink with high expectations and again I was not disappointed.  The lads took a punt on something brave and potentially spectacular with a punk rock spin on the German dark lager and they came out champs.

Drink this one with a snack – it may not suit most meals with its conflicting flavours, or at least I’m struggling to think of any, maybe pizza? Anyway – I enjoyed it; a lot.