Happy May The Force Day!

Through sheer foolhardiness I cracked this one open without even a vague idea of what kind of beer it was.  I just knew it was inspired by Star Wars and is brewed by Garage Project.  I guess to me that is all that matters.
I guess I should have read the scrolling text before the movie because the first swig hit me like a superlaser, leaving my tastebuds as a desolate asteroid field much like the tragic destruction of Alderaan.

Just an FYI this should really be consumed in the darker months – I am currently consuming this on one of the hotter days we have had this summer and um yea – given I am not British or a fan of room temperature pale ales, it’s becoming a struggle of rancor-like proportions.

It is true that the geniuses at Garage Project have perfected the lack of porter like characteristics in such a dark ale but at the expense of extreme hoppy bitterness, by the 10th gulp my mouth felt like the sarlaac pit.

I felt slightly treacherous portraying a Garage Project brew in such a dark light but I guess with the moniker they went for – it was my destiny.

That’ll teach me for drinking a brew that is best consumed on the actual May the 4th when the temperature is likely more agreeable to its style.