‘Oh that’s actually yum!’

– Me, less than 5 seconds after my first sip of Garage Projects Wellington Phoenix inspired golden ale

My slight moment of surprise was due to the very noticeable toned down hop after taste.  Sure it’s still there, but it is far below the level that I have come to know as trademark for the lads at Garage Project.

Seagull! Seagull! Seagull! ????

This is very drinkable, non offensive and slides down easy; getting past your defences easier than a Kosta Barborouses strike from halfway.

The malt blend is smooth but compliments with the hops to give a surpremeley silky finish.

This would suit a pairing with a light meal, fish and chips or some other seafood dish.

Or a live football match in copious amounts, upper torso clothing is optional.

Disclamer:  Involuntary chants of “Seagull! Seagull! Seagull!” are a potential side-effect.